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At Gittinger Properties, we lease and manage special properties for our own account. We look for multi-family properties – four- and eight-plexes – in historic or older neighborhoods, usually neighborhoods that are being revitalized. In these areas, the homes tend to have the unusual design features and the relaxed ‘sense of home’ that our clients tell us they would like in the place where they live.

244 Natalen in Mahncke Park
Our first property, which is now completely leased, is one of these. Located at 244 Natalen, in the Mahncke Park historical area, it’s a four-plex built in 1940 that retains some of the original tile work on the bathroom floors and at the bottom of the front staircase. The dining rooms in several units still have the original glass door knobs and doors.

We plan to build inviting communal areas at each of our properties, as we did at Natalen, where there is a picnic seating area and a barbecue grill. We will soon offer other properties of this caliber.

Fascination with history is a constant theme
Mamye Burkhalter, an icon in San Antonio real estate, mentored Bonnie Gittinger as she became fascinated with real estate and the insights it gave her into historic San Antonio, developing her interest in becoming active in the real estate market.

Historic Gittinger Real Estate Agency Sign
This new focus led naturally to another idea – the idea of bringing one of the original Gittinger Companies, Gittinger Real Estate, back to life.

Today, Gittinger Properties is a joint project for Frank and Bonnie Gittinger, who have a deep interest in San Antonio’s colorful and gracious past.

Frank and Bonnie Gittinger

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We’d like to help you with your real estate needs